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IMeraki Will Help You disseminate messages about your products, services, or overall image to its customers, employees, stockholders, suppliers or other interested members of the community.

What Is Social PR Campaigns?

A social PR campaign is a coordinated marketing effort to reinforce or assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms. Campaigns differ from everyday social media efforts because of their increased focus, targeting and measurability.

As social Media is a virtual world with all it's essence and aspects, and one of this aspects are online news/publishing business and there are hundreds of millions depends on it while searching or choosing any business online.

IMeraki close relationships & contacts with some of the most authoritative publishers, bloggers, journalists & influencers mean that we can help bridge that gap between offline and online content that really means your content gets the coverage it deserves.,
With IMeraki Agency Connections and Impeccable Relations, we will help you to well present your company image online.

Why To Use Social PR?

Some of the main goals of Social PR are to create, maintain, and protect the organization's reputation, enhance its prestige, and present a favorable image. Studies have shown that consumers often base their purchase decisions on a company's reputation, so Social PR can have a definite impact on sales and revenue.
Social PR can be an effective part of a company's overall marketing strategy. In the case of a for-profit company, public relations and marketing should be coordinated to be sure they are working to achieve the same objectives.

Another major Social PR goal is to create good will for the organization. This involves such functions as employee relations, stockholder and investor relations, media relations, and community relations. Social PR may function to educate certain audiences about many things relevant to the organization—including the business in general, new legislation, and how to use a particular product—as well as to overcome misconceptions and prejudices. For example, a nonprofit organization may attempt to educate the public regarding a certain point of view, while trade associations may undertake educational programs regarding particular industries and their products and practices.

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