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Illustration Art Has One Purpose, And Has No Inherent Value When Removed From Context, IMeraki Art team Helps You to Show Your Inner Unique Art Throw Visual Illustration.

What Is Art & Illustration?

An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process, designed for integration in published media, such as posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games and films.
This may include exploded views, cutaways, fly-throughs, reconstructions, instructional images, component designs, diagrams. The aim is "to generate expressive images that effectively convey certain information via the visual channel to the human observer"

Technical and scientific illustration is generally designed to describe or explain subjects to a nontechnical audience, so must provide "an overall impression of what an object is or does, to enhance the viewer's interest and understanding".

In contemporary illustration practice, 2D and 3D software is often used to create accurate representations that can be updated easily, and reused in a variety of contexts.

WHAT IMeraki Provides For You?

Illustration or graphics:
Whether you're looking for a pet portrait or the gift of custom art, the illustrators of 99designs will create images that make your art skip a beat. Business Illustration
Show 'em how you get down to business with an illustration that fits your model. Website Illustration
Draw more visitors with website illustrations that depict the brand image you want to portray. Book Illustration
Awesome at alliteration, but inconsistent with images? Help tell your story with custom illustrations. Album Cover
Got the blues (but not the art to go with your album)? Get out of that funk, punk! Our designers will jazz it up with a custom cover. Pattern
Polka dots. Argyle. Fibonacci. Noticing a pattern? Well you can get one designed to order, no matter what you like. Don't make us repeat ourselves. Card or invitation
With designs like these, receivers will be happy to get carded. Invitation
Get the party started with a well-crafted invitation. After that, the celebration's on you. Greeting Card
Whether it's a holiday or just a Wednesday, make it memorable with a custom greeting card. Wedding Invitation
You've found your perfect match. Now it's time to say yes to custom wedding invitation designs.
3D These 3D digital graphics look so #real the networks are thinking of offering them their own reality show.

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